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Dean's Message:


Dear University Candidates;

Gaziantep University (GAÜN) Engineering Faculty, which has been serving since 1973, with its experienced staff and advanced infrastructure facilities; It has been one of the distinguished Engineering Faculties of Turkey. The language of education in our faculty, which was the first to introduce Intern Engineering in Turkey, is English. In our faculty, we have,

•Mechanical Engineering
•Electrical and Electronics Engineering
•Food Engineering
•Civil Engineering
•Physics engineering
•Industrial Engineering
•Textile engineering
•Optical and Acoustic Engineering

•Metallurgical and Materials Engineering



In the Faculty, you will receive a qualified education and you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned in industrial establishments. I would like to express with great happiness that important opportunities await you in Gaziantep with its growing industry and increasing social opportunities.


Dear Families;

Your children have grown up and are now choosing a university and therefore a career. I can assure you all that the years of experience and knowledge of our faculty will provide important opportunities for your children to become professional engineers. Gaziantep, our ancient city full of beauties, is at the service of our students and their esteemed families, as a student-friendly city with many important opportunities. Our city welcomes our students with increasing accommodation opportunities and cultural and social activities.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering